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Clone Any Website Using HTTrack. Friends, now you can copy any website which you like. yes, friends if you like any website and want to copy website then here is a simple method for you just follow below-given steps and copy any website which you want.

Clone Any Website Using HTTrack

Steps to Clone Any Website Using HTTrack :-

  • First of all just Download & Install HTTrack
  • Install HTTrack by typing the following in a terminal.
    sudo apt-get install httrack
  • When you downloaded and installed HTTrack, it placed it in the /usr/bin directory, so it should be accessible from any directory in Kali as
    /usr/bin is in the PATH variable.
    Lets type on the command line
    httrack –help
  • After Then

httrack < he URL of the site> [any options] URL Filter -O < location to send copy to>

  • Points it at the website we want to copy and then direct the output (-O) to a directory on our hard drive where we want to store the website.

E.g httrack -O /tmp/webscantest

  • Now that we have copied the entire site to our hard drive, let’s take a look at it. We can open any browser and view the contents of our copied site to the location on our hard drive. Since we copied the web site to /tmp/webscantest , we simply point our browser there and can view all the content of the website! If we point it to

Another method to use in widows see below video friends:


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