How to combine two Wifi Connections to get a faster Internet


Combine two Wifi Connections. friends if you have more than one active internet connections and you are using only one at a time, while the other is resting? Don’t let it be lazy. Combine them all to get combined internet speed. Friends this is also solutions for the low-speed internet. yes, if you have slow speed internet connections then you will combine all the internet connections at one connection, i.e. wired, wireless and any other.

How to combine two Wifi Connections
How to combine two Wifi Connections

Combine two Wifi Connections to get a faster Internet:-

Combine two Wifi Connections Method 1: Combining LANs

  1. Turn everything on your computer, modems (in case of DSL) & Connect them to the relative ports.
  2. Establish Connections and when each one is active and connected, navigate to the “Network Devices” folder on your computer. It usually stays under control panel.

For Windows 7 and Vista, Click the network icon on the task bar-> then click \ Open Network and Sharing Center . Then click \ Change Adapter settings\

5.Review view the Connections in the window showing all of your network connections.
6. Drag and select. Drag and select Active LAN (Wired, Wireless or DSL Modem) connections.
7. Right-click on one of the selected-> click “Bridge Connections.” Then wait and a network bridge with the different icon will appear. You might have to provide the administrative right.

Combine two Wifi Connections Method 2: Load Balancing*

►Open Network and Sharing Center > Change Adapter Settings
►Go to properties of any of your active Internet connection whether it be LAN, WiFi or 3G/4G.
►Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP Version 4, Open its properties, then go to advanced.
►Uncheck the Automatic Metric and type “15”.
►Repeat same steps on other Internet connections you want to combine & Restart your Computer.

Connect with Us:-

Combine two Wifi Connections Method 3: Using Connectify Hotspot

►Download the Connectify Dispatch
►Install the Dispatch software.
►Run. Then click “Start Dispatch”.
►Connect all your modems or network connections

combine two Wifi Connections Method 4: Using Speedify

►Speedify allow you easily combine multiple WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired networks to create one faster and more reliable Internet connection.
►Visit [] to begin your free, 3-day trial. Once your trial has started, you will receive an email with your login and a download link for the Speedify client software (for Mac OS X+ & PC)
►Install the Speedify software and then simply enter the email and password.
►Click the ‘Speed Me Up’ button to log in. Speedify will automatically connect you to the nearest and fastest Speed Server to ensure that you get the maximum speed and reliability of your Internet connections combined.
►Now, just ensure that you have two or more WiFi, mobile broadband, or wired Internet connections active on your computer, and Speedify does the rest:
►Connect all your modems or network connections



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