Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment, Friends as we know that SEO is most important to rank your website on google or another search engines like bing, yahoo etc. And for this, we need to make backlinks to get a higher rank on any search engines. We have to get backlinks from most popular websites and many backlinks we can get from making comments on another blog.

But many of these websites and blogs have not any option or buttons to put any live link on comments box. don’t worry friends if you want to put a comment on any blogger where the button of  putting a live link is not available then you need to follow just given steps.

Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment
Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment


How to Leave a Link in a Blogger Comment:-

  1. Open website or blogger where you want to leave a comment.

2. Click on the comment box and just copy given below code and make changes as given below.

3. Enter the following HTML code into the comment box:

You’ll need a simple bit of HTML code – which is:

<a href=”http://www.techwap.net“>Internet Tips and tricks</a>

This will then show up like this: Internet Tips and tricks

Change “www.techwap.net” to whatever website you want to link to. Change “Internet Tips and tricks” to whatever text you want to display as the link.

4. Click “Post Comment” to submit your comment and link to the blog.




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