How To Stream Windows 10 Screen On VR Android Device


Friends today we tell you that ho you can Stream Windows 10 Screen On VR Android Device easily. After a small setup, you can easily Stream Windows 10 Screen On VR Android Device. You just need to follow below given steps to use this trick.

🔵 Steps To Stream Windows 10 Screen On VR Android Phone:

  • 1⃣ Download and install the trinus VR windows 10 Server on the computer/Laptop.
  • 2⃣ Now download the Trinus VR lite Client App on your Android Phone.
  • 3⃣ You need to connect the computer/Laptop and Android Mobile to the Same Wi-fi Router.
  • 4⃣ After you have installed the apps on both devices, Start first the Server App on the Computer, Then Launch on the Android device.
  • 5⃣ Now the Server and client will try to connect to each other based upon the type of connection. Now either select the Method A (WiFi) or the Method B (USB) to get the devices Connected.
  • 6⃣ If you are using the WiFi mode of connection, Please open the Trinus VR App on server(computer) and Client (android device)
  • 7⃣ Now, press the start buttonon Server and wait until it detects the client automatically. If it doesn’t detect the client automatically copy the IP address.
  • 8⃣ Now select the “IP” option on the computer and Enter the IP address of the client.
  • 9⃣ Now click on the “OK” button. the Trinus logo will now be “Blue(Voilet)” instead of the previous grey.
  • That’s it friends now you can use this

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