SECRET OF BIG SUCCESSFUL YouTubers. Friends as we know that Youtube is a biiggest video streaming website in the world and Now youtube is the 3rd most visited website in the world. and youtube is also a big platform to make money with uploading videos on Youtube. This will allow monetizing your youtube videos. With this, you can make huge money on youtube. Many of us want to earn money on youtube but every person is not successful on youtube without knowledge. You need to know some SECRET OF BIG SUCCESSFUL YouTubers.



  • Create video in 16:9 ratio, 720P (1280×720)pixel
  • Must Know That Your Video file name will be the main keyword so rename video files with your keyword.
  • In video file details (Right click on the video file and click details:-
The title will be video file name

Subtitle will be related to keywords

Give some related tags to your video

Write related comment
  • Default video upload setting:
Set as unlisted

Set category

Set Language and so
  • Video title goes with the main keyword


So friends IIf you want to start a new channel and want the visitor to your videos then just follow given above steps with SECRET OF BIG SUCCESSFUL YouTubers.


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