WhatsApp Group Description feature is out now

After launching WhatsApp payment feature now WhatsApp comes with another feature name WhatsApp Group Description feature. Now you can put a description of your WhatsApp group friends. Yes, friends now you can tell all group member about your group. and you can also set any warning on your group description to a new user on your group.WhatsApp Group Descriptionwhen any new user will want to join your group then they will see your group description. as given screenshot, you can see that how you can set description on your group.

WhatsApp Group DescriptionWhatsApp Group Description

WhatsApp Group Description feature is out now

The WhatsApp Group Description feature allows users to set a description on their WhatsApp group and this description will be seen by all users of this group.

Therefore, if your group link is shared with many third parties, it would be wise not to send any information to it, which you do not want to see people outside the group.

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Lastly, the details of the group can be edited by any member of the group, who said that the administrator can refuse to change the members. WhatsApp Group Description feature is available for all Android Beta and Windows Phone Beta users of all WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Group Description is out now.

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